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The Drop
Jana Živanović
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The Environmentalist
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The (In)Difference
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Irena Raičević

Irena is the sum of her experiences. Good, bad, any… She gathers them all passionately and hopes to have a valuable collection when she grows up.


Some of those experiences were:


The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by B. Traven,

Trip - an anthology of American beat poetry,

The God of Small Things by A. Roy,

The Cyclist Conspiracy by S. Basara,

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by M. Kundera,

and everything by Amélie Nothomb.



Searching for

                                    eyes that scorn

                                       that scorch

            A consuming

            haunting stare

Searching for

                                    words that burn

                                    that pierce the skin

                                    rip flesh from bone

                        With cold indifference

                            calculated malice

Searching for hands

                                    that freeze


            that claw and rip and tear


            that cherish and caress

                                                that torment

Searching for

            a slender, sharp body

                        tight and hard

            pressing against me

                                                            in the night




                          Every night

Eyes that glare

            A stare

                cutting through the soul

            Finding words

which hit where it hurts

                                                                the most

            until I surrender


                        Feeling a body

            on top of mine

                        His breath on my neck

                        His nails in my back

            Burning sweaty thighs

                                                   against mine


I struggle

He doesn’t stop

I scream

He doesn’t cease



            It’s all the same

              I have no say

                        He leads the game


He’s panting and moaning

                          Pushing against me


            Grinding with lust


Relaxing and resting

            His whole weight

                                    on his plaything

                        I am his puppet

Dissolving and melting


                                                I open my eyes


No bony flesh

            No icy fingers

               No scorching breath

            No pleasure, No pain, No passion

No Him


                           No Nothing

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