The Haskovo Literary Society was founded by students at the Professor Dr. Assen Zlatarov Language School in Haskovo, Bulgaria. The group began as any great literary salon begins: with colorful flyers and free snacks. As the story goes, on a warm autumn day in southern Bulgaria, seven young writers met in a park and lounged in the grass, where they wrote and discussed poems inspired by food, memories, and the local surroundings.




Despite their diverse styles, they all shared a passion for great writing and deep conversation. Since that initial meeting, the Haskovo Literary Society has continued to grow, attracting a variety of English learners and aspiring writers, all of whom meet every week to share new stories, poems, essays, and screenplays.




Two American writers, Allegra Hyde and Alex McElroy, oversee the business side of the Haskovo Literary Society, but the real stars of the group are the writers: Dani, Ellie, Ani, Kiril, Todor, Desi, and Deni. Recently, they began work on a small print literary journal that gathers together their new writing. They look forward to exchanging their work with other writing groups across the Balkans, learning to celebrate their differences and similarities through the power of storytelling.