Frank Sinatra Evening

Through September and October 2015, students at the Pedagogical Faculty in Bihać slowly started getting ready to revive the good old times.


Under the leadership of their assistants Ilhana Škrgić and Jasmina Tevšić, and with the generous help and organization from Mirela Midžić at the American Corner Bihać, they decided to commemorate the birth of the great American singer Frank Sinatra.


On December 13, the students, teachers and guests gathered at the American Corner to celebrate Sinatra's 100th birthday. At the very entrance, classy dressed, men in suits, ties  and  bow  ties,  and  women  in  elegant

dresses and long sleeve gloves, had been welcomed in a Hollywood-like atmosphere - red carpet and the paparazzi flash lights.


Nejra Karabegović and Sanjin Muminović gave a beautiful beginning to the night with the old sounds of guitar and the voice that does not need modern Auto-Tune edits. They performed Fly Me To The Moon, while students mingled with cocktails in their hands, and young couples enjoyed romantically dancing on the floor.


The representatives of all four generations gave their speech and made toasts to their fellows remembering their times together and wishing them well. The freshman Haris Mašić gave the introduction to the first year, followed by the second and third year students Vanja Čelan and Elma Ramić who expressed gratitude to their colleagues and the great time spent together. The icing on the cake, the graduate student Mirzeta Pajalić, reminded us of the shortness of a moment, the importance of togetherness, the beauty of college days, the happy and sad times, the hard moments that are about to come, but also gave students a glimpse of hope that this does not have to be the end.

As the champagne bottles popped, and as everybody cheered their youth and the life to come, it seemed that the time-machine exists - there was Frank Sinatra singing his best hits, young people swayed to the rhythm, and the moon above was smiling.


The photos are curtesy of A.T.O Photography.