Video Tales ‒ Once Upon the Balkans

Belgrade, 2017

Call for Participation: Part Two - Call for Filmmakers... Aaaaand ACTION!

The Balkan Writers Project is heading a dynamic project and art competition that calls for the involvement of anyone that is passionate about creative writing and filmmaking.

We want to bring together creative people from all over the Balkans (and beyond!) to help us form a collaborative

project where writing and film work together to create a powerful and innovative narrative form. We look forward to working with you to create a multimedia storytelling event – an interactive evening of public reading and film competition at POLET on DECEMBER 22nd.

All selected writers and filmmakers will have their works presented during the event, and our jury will award the best collaborative piece (the film combined with the writing piece that inspired it) with the PRIZE OF $400, to be divided between both authors.

After the event, all selected films, with a voiceover narrating the accompanying story or poem, will be uploaded to the

Balkan Writers Project YouTube channel!

We’re currently looking for filmmakers:

​amateurs and professionals alike – all who wish to create a short film based on stories and poems selected during the first phase of the project. If you are curious and wish to collaborate with other creative people, we welcome your exploration of the chosen themes!

How it works:

1. Writers will submit their pieces by June 1st. Our team will select pieces that will continue on into the second part of the project ‒ the “Call for Films”. Writers will be notified of the selected works via e-mail.

2. Here’s the mysterious part! The chosen stories and poems will be cut down to a few keywords that we believe describe the theme and style most appropriately. Said keywords will then be published on our website, together with a “Call for Films” and any and all filmmakers interested in the project will be able to chose stories/poems that most interest them, based solely on the keywords offered.

3. Are you guys with me? Okay, let’s keep going. Once you have chosen your preferred written piece (as explained above), you can apply for “Video Tales ‒ Once Upon the Balkans” via email. We will then send you the written piece in its entirety. From this point on, it’s up to you to create a short film in some way inspired by, or connected to the written piece you selected and send in your submission.

4. During the final selection process, the editorial committee will pick short films coupled with the written pieces ‒ creating a unique vision and blend of collaboration between talented authors in both media.

5. All selected writers and filmmakers will have their works displayed during an interactive evening of public reading and film at Polet on June 30th at 6PM, where finally, after this entire process, we will all get to meet each other, kick back and celebrate a new way of storytelling.

6. After the event: all the selected short films, combined with a voiceover narration of the written story and/or poem, will be uploaded to the Balkan Writers Project YouTube channel that will be created for the purpose of permanently displaying the “final product”.

The Call for Films is open until November 14th


Join us in creating a unique blend of film and literature – share your works with us and become pioneers of this new form of storytelling!

Aaaaand ACTION!

Submission Details

For the filmmakers:


Submit your pieces to by November 14th, with the subject: “Writing Submission”. Please include your name and e-mail address.

Written pieces must be:

  • written only in English

  • any chosen genre or form

  • the subject should be loosely based on the topic “the Balkans”

  • word count: No more than 200 words!

  • Multiple submissions are welcome!