December 2016

A Literary Calendar for 2017

Time flies and tales unfold... A lot can happen in a month, a whole story can take place, and this one came to its close. 

To mark the end of 2016, the Balkan Writers Project organized an exciting, one of a kind creative writing initiative. We invited passionate and imaginative writers to join us in creating “CalendArt”, a unique literary calendar, at once a collection of stories with a practical purpose and a functional calendar with a creative twist.

Inspired by  “A Calendar of Tales”, a collection of 12 stories about months of the year, created as a result of a joint project by Neil Gaiman and BlackBerry, “CalendArt” is a creative project focusing on the topic of months and all the inspiring stories that can be generated from it. Images for the “CalendArt” were the work of visual artist and Fulbright Researcher Kathryn Zazenski.

This project is closed


Another successful creative project and the subsequent promotion are behind us! We received more than 100 truly original submissions by 75 creative writers, out of which we selected three pieces for each month and compiled them in the form of a 2017 calendar. Contained in the CalendArt are 36 exquisitely imaginative works of poetry and prose by gifted writers from all over the region and beyond. Within its pages, as well as part of the mise-en-scène, months are also personified protagonists (or antagonists), metaphors... and so much more. 


Hosted by Polet Art Gallery on December 16th 2016, the promotion attracted a large and diverse audience for a dynamic event that brought us all together to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 in a different and original way.


Many thanks to all those who participated and helped us make this project a reality. We hope to share many more adventures with you in the years to come!