The Balkan Writers Project held an event on December 16th promoting their newest project - CalendArt, developed and coordinated by Irena Raičević under the wing of the American embassy and the EL Fellow Jean Salisbury Linehan.

The CalendArt project was inspired by "A Calendar of Tales", a joint venture by Neil Gaiman and BlackBerry, with the final product being a unique literary calendar with a practical purpose, but with a creative twist. The project also featured images by visual artist and Fullbright Researcher Katie Zazenski whose take on the perception of light in different months brought light to the CalendArt itself.

With an overwhelming response of over 100 truly original submissions by over 75 creative writers, 36 works were selected - 3 for each month - to be a part of this creative calendar.

Hosted by the Art Gallery Polet, the promotion of the CalendArt project attracted a large and diverse audience for an event that included a public reading by the authors as well as an opportunity for the members of the audience to get their hands on a free copy of the CalendArt publication. Afterwards, the members of the audience were given a chance to share their thoughts of 2016 and their expectations of 2017 by jotting them down on our paper tablecloths.














This event brought together lovers of the literary arts and the English language from different parts of the world - ranging all the way from the Balkans to China. This joint effort was finally rewarded with the testament of creativity that is CalendArt which will serve to remind us all that all the months have some unique magic to them.














Photos courtesy of Filip Oparnica.

Article courtesy of Uroš Stanimirović.

CalendArt Event