December 2016

The deadline for applications has passed!

A Literary Calendar for 2017

Time flies and tales unfold... A lot can happen in a month, a whole story can take place, and we want to hear yours.

To mark the end of 2016, the Balkan Writers Project is organizing an exciting, one of a kind creative writing initiative. We are looking for passionate and imaginative writers to join us in creating “CalendArt”, a unique literary calendar, at once a collection of stories with a practical purpose and a functional calendar with a creative twist.

Inspired by  “A Calendar of Tales”, a collection of 12 stories about months of the year, created as a result of a joint project by Neil Gaiman and BlackBerry, “CalendArt” is a creative project focusing on the topic of months and all the inspiring stories that can be generated from it. Images for the “CalendArt” will be created by visual artist and Fulbright Researcher Kathryn Zazenski.

We’re inviting storytellers and poets to send us writing inspired by months of the year to be published in the form of a 2017 calendar, which will be promoted at a dynamic public event held at Polet Art Gallery on December 16th.

Participation Guidelines and Project Details

We’re looking for writers to contribute short poems or flash fiction inspired by months of the year to be included in our “CalendArt”.

How to submit:

     1. Choose a month and create a piece of writing inspired by it.

Your tale can be about the past or the future, an anecdote or fiction... As long as your submission relates to a specific month in some manner, all voices and writing styles are welcome!

You can find a list of month-related contemplations to help you in search of inspiration HERE.

         2.  Submit your literary work via the form HERE!

There is no limit to the number of submissions. Feel free to submit multiple works for the same month or make several submissions for different months.

The call for participation is open until November 30th, during which our editorial committee will be accepting submissions and selecting best works for each of the 12 months.

Once the selection for a specific month is complete, we will close that month and won't accept any more submissions for it, but others will remain open. Keep this in mind and make sure you check if the month you want is still available HERE.

Word Count: Text must be no longer than 120 words.

Submission Deadline: November 30th.

If you have any questions, send us an email to with the subject “CalendArt”.


Publication and Event

After the deadline, the final selection will take place and our editorial committee will contact the selected authors. The tales will be published in the form of a 2017 calendar.

The promotion will take place at Polet Art Gallery on December 16th, when the authors will read their tales and free copies of the “CalendArtwill be distributed to the authors and audience members.

If you love to write and are an imaginative and creative individual, we want you to be part of this dynamic literary projectJoin us!