The Creative Writing Course at the Pedagogical Faculty in Bihać was first introduced in its current form in the spring semester of 2013, and with the innovative input and effort of students attending the course, it quickly grew into an engaging and ever-expanding universe of energetic essays, poems and short stories written by young voices in love with English.


The course is led by Ilhana Škrgić, language instructor at the Department of English Language and Literature, and as of summer 2015, the course has produced a total of nine student magazines encompassing their best work, several events organised in cooperation with the American Corner Bihać, and even a festival –

yes, a real festival! - celebrating today's lingua franca through creative writing evenings, student meetings at the state level, and an international seminar for students and teachers alike.


English Language Festival or ELF in short will show its playful nature again in May 2016, and until then, the creative writers in Bihać will continue to forge new worlds with the strength and beauty of their minds. To read more about the last year's success, follow these links:,, and


The core of the course has become a part of the Balkan Writers Project, and the excitement that courses through the pens of these students is almost palpable – or shall we say – will be readable soon! Until then you can enjoy some of their previous works here: A Chest of Thoughts, Imagine That..., Escape, Ab Intra ad Infinitum, Ars Gratia Artis.

The Creative Writing Course at the Pedagogical Faculty,

University of Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina