Find out a little bit more about the young artists in this creative writing workshop!

Nathan William Meyer
Haris Mašić

Born and raised in the small city of Bihać. Reading enthusiast, with a flare for sci-fi, tired of pushing boulders uphill so he signed up for English language and literature college classes.

Nathan William Meyer
Vanja Čelan

She's the definition of chaos and a music, TV show, and book enthusiast. The Adventures of Merlin and bands are basically her life, and for her, every day should be Christmas.

Nathan William Meyer
Neira Sijamhodžić

"She is far away. She is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight in another world." The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Socially awkward girl who belongs to the rare species which is on the brink of extinction - the bookworms.


Some say she's Hermione Granger's lost sister.

Nathan William Meyer
Elvin Dervić

Elvin Dervić is a retired old man in his 20s. He enjoys observing the wars of nature, and daily inner wars. Very boring. His reflection in the mirror and he himself are an oxymoron.


Now and then, he manages to win the battle with laziness and does things. Even though he is more fond of prose, most of his works have been written in the form of a poem due to his laziness, again.

He has been chosen among 20 best young authors in B&H in 2013, and 2014. His poems were published in the collections of poems "The Compasses in the Sea of Nothingness", and "Antique Shop of Verses".

Nathan William Meyer
Mirzeta Pajalić

It is highly possible that she is the most complicated person you'll ever meet. Caffeine addict that enjoys beauty of small things in life. She won't admit any scientific progress until they invent a teleportation machine or at least a magic carpet. Also, some say she reminds them of Margo Roth Spiegelman. It is debatable whether that is a compliment.


Super power : Sarcasm.

Nathan William Meyer
Jasmina Demirović

She's an Aquarius which makes her truthful, just, curious, affectionate, frank and imaginative. Which also kinda makes her a superhero. Minus the cape. There's a goofy little child still crouching inside of her, and if you need a massive optimism in your life, she's your girl.

Nathan William Meyer
Sabina Jušić

Well, for one thing she would love to sit right next to Nick Cave and freeze time til eternity, even beyond. She would try and work with Holmes because, let's face it - Robert Downey Jr. is a cutie. Her sane features involve a light mix of loving to write and hating her work, studying people and forming opinions, and a dash of interest in astronomy. She idolises Bellatrix and, beware, is a pure drone of evil. A cat person. Messy, terribly messy. Frowns in concentration. Lives for the good kind of sarcasm (yes there's a phony kind).


Oh, and would like to take Kevin Spacey out for dinner. No pressure.