On May 27th over 120 people packed a local arts venue in Belgrade, Serbia to take part in the dynamic Before I Die – Belgrade 2016 event, developed and coordinated by EL Fellow Nathan William Meyer and the Balkan Writers Project.


Before I Die – Belgrade 2016 was inspired by the global Before I Die art project, and re-imagined by the Balkan Writers Project as an EFL literary arts initiative. Participants were invited to submit short texts describing their hope, dream, or aspiration to be published in a multimedia collection of short texts, photographs and statements.

The public response was overwhelming, with a total of 343 written submissions from writers of all ages from throughout the Balkan region and beyond to Italy, UK, and even North America and Russia.

The selected works have been assembled into a catalog, containing 60 short texts, 18 photographs and over 150 Before I Die statements, bringing together over 100 dreamers from all over the region and beyond. The end results were presented at a public event hosted by Mikser House, that included a public reading by the authors, a viewing of the exhibition, as well as a chance for audience members to join    in    the   creative   project    by

sharing their dreams on our Before I Die Walls or having their picture taken at our Photo Corner.

So many hopes and desires were shared during the course of this project and the event – some of them big, some small, but all of them equally inspiring. This project brought together various people from all walks of life, uniting them in that one goal we all have in common – realizing our dreams.

The photos are courtesy of Nathan William Meyer and Nevena Todorović.

BEFORE I DIE - Belgrade 2016 Event