On December 20th Belgrade held its first city-wide poetography event, developed and organized by EL Fellow Nathan William Meyer and the Balkan Writers Project.


Fusing words inspired by images this city-wide project brought together 50 local photographers and 105 writers through social media to collaborate on an artistic endeavor to jointly tell the stories of this amazing city. Native Belgradians, people from across Serbia, other countries, and other continents, locals, emigres, expats, all devoting their boundless creativity to two fundamental things they have in common: the English language and the city of Belgrade.


With over 400 literary and photography submissions, people wanted to be a part of this project at every step of the way. Whether as a contributor, venue host, videographer, book designer or the many other jobs it took to make this such a successful event.


Hosted by Mikser House, Belgrade’s premier artistic and cultural institution, this event attracted an audience of approximately 200 people for a reading of their artistic collaborations and viewing of the following exhibition. Artists met artists, ideas get exchanged and inspiration hit the air. For several hours the small talk in front of the boiling headlights was all about poetry, camera lenses, art, Belgrade.


Belgrade Poetography was a project that brought together the community with hundreds of people who call Belgrade home participating in it. Whether they were born here or elsewhere in Serbia, from different countries or different continents their love for the arts and English brought them together to see their city in a new, special light.

The photos are courtesy of Piroshki Photography and Mikser House.

The video is courtesy of Mikser House.

Belgrade Poetography Event