The Belgrade Poetography Project

Urban landscape and street portraiture meet poetry and flash fiction in a dynamic project bringing together passionate artists

in love with Belgrade.

Poetography is a modern visual-literary art form that merges poetry and photography to further enhance the artistic impact of both arts. 

Belgrade Poetography is an artistic project bringing together local writers and photographers to create literary works inspired by an urban landscape of stunning black and white images.


Whether the artists are Belgrade natives or newcomers, street shooters or poets, they are brought together by the unique beauty of this city they call home and a desire to tell the stories we read in its concrete canyons, that whisper to us along riverbanks, and see in the faces of strangers.

The Belgrade Poetography project and exhibition were organized in December 2015 by the Balkan Writers Project with the help of the English Language Fellows Program, the American Embassy in Belgrade and Mikser House.

The entire project was a great success and we wish to express our gratitude to all those who helped us make it a reality!


Below you can check out the atmosphere at the event, view our gallery and download our e-catalogue of all of the exhibited works! You can also follow us on our Facebook page or join our Facebook group for further information about this and similar projects!