Before I Die

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Before I die I want to become a morning person.


By this I don’t mean stop being grumpy when I wake up, or stop rolling my eyes at my roommate who wants to start a conversation even before she has opened her eyes. I mean waking up early just for the sake of waking up early. Breathing in the silence. Savouring the mornings of my life.


It must be fear…of getting old. It seems to me that time accelerates with years and flies – whether you are having fun or not. Sleep is becoming a waste of time, whereas waking up early buys me time and thus soothes the fear.


It will take discipline and it will mean new habits. But it’ll be worth it. Waking up early means having more time. More time to learn to savour life, and not just mornings.


Isidora Milićević, 22, from Raška

Before I die, I want to write a book, be it poetry, be it prose, be it anything in between. All the more reason to do it if it ends up undefined.


I feel it is one of the most neutral ways to leave a trace, by all means. I feel I should feel more important if I pursue this idea.

It happened the moment I began to fully grasp what it meant to be able to withstand thousands of years of existence on a piece of paper that anyone could get a hold of.


How will it happen?


Like this. With me writing about it.


– Jelena Petrović, 24, from Belgrade

Before I die I want to travel the world.


Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been fascinated with the distant beaches and fascinating landscapes of the world, as well as different cultures and their traditions. The images of Indonesian islands, Thai beaches, African tribes, and South American mountains have been my wallpapers for ages. The European capitals and remote villages, the Russian architecture, and the pictures of pre-war Kabul are my motivation for everything I do in life.


Whether it is a job or school, I always have one simple goal in mind: to do what I have to do in order to grow as a person who is ready to say goodbye to home and venture on an adventure of a lifetime.


My dream is to not have a permanent address, to move from place to place, to explore the world in all its beauty.


– Gordana Sretenović, 25, from Gornji Milanovac

Before I die I want to see her again.


Touch her silky soft skin the colour of almond. Caress her golden glossy hair. Play tick tack toe with three tiny beauty marks under her right eye. Kiss her honey lips from sunrise to sunset. Get lost in her big alluring vale eyes. Feel drunk off her delicate warm scent.


But I can’t. Because she is somewhere else. Miles away. Never to be with me again.


– Nikola Radenković, 22, from Kruševac

Before I die, I want to write and direct a film.


Ever since I was little, I’ve had an overly active imagination, and would daydream for hours on end. As I mature and grow both mentally and creatively, I find that creating my own film would be the form of artistic expression best suited to my inclinations and character.


I don’t know exactly how I’ll get around to this, but I know one thing - I’m done dreaming. I want to create.


– Nevena Todorović, 23, from Belgrade