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A maladaptive daydreamer,

An idiot going deaf from earphone abuse,

An incurable skeptic who somehow also believes in telekinesis,

According to my mother, an alien who fell from Mars,

That person next to you on the bus who smells like a wet ashtray,

A guilty hedonist

And an undercover witch.

All Things Redundant

All Things Redundant

Gather around me

And poke me with your long fingers

All the hands

That slide against me

Cold and damp

And shaky

          Excite me.

Make my hair up

In the morning

Take my bra off

In the evening

And all the hands cover me

          In my sleep.

Pat me on the shoulder


All the fingers dub restlessly

Against my belly

Scratch my thighs red

          You anxious things.

Creep in my mouth

You greedy fingers

A mouthful

Grab my armpits

Arrest my knees

Hang by my collarbones

A necklace of nails

          To keep me yours.

Soon enough

A million fingers

Will clasp my throat

And I’ll end

I’ll end a wineglass

In the hands of

          All Things Redundant.

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