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A realistic dreamer, always in search of inspiration. The center of her universe are love and creativity.

Major enthusiast and optimist. Loves traveling and exploring places where feelings overwhelm her.

English teacher turned school theater director, spreads her creativity at work by teaching English through the arts. Her biggest drive in life is passion.

Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles is not a realist.

Fairy Tale Gone Bad

Long ago, in a parallel universe, where boundaries for our deepest desires and passions do not exist, where there are no lies and no stress, where the sky is blue and the heavenly sound of sea water occupies and enlightens your senses, there was a girl, there was a boy, there was… a fairy tale.
Flash forward to the part where this world is broken: it had been yet another unrealistic, ‘too good to be true’ scenario that only has a happy ending behind those rose-tinted glasses she deliberately refused to take off. That feeling that had found a permanent home in her heart, soul and mind is something she wishes upon no one. You shouldn’t expect something that simply cannot happen. She refused to admit to herself that fairy tales don’t exist; she refused with all her might and was determined to prove people wrong, to prove their negative thoughts wrong. Unfortunately, she was painfully stripped of those rose-tinted glasses and she lost that optimism about love. It simply evaporated – he was the last straw, he was the boundary, he was the fairy tale gone wrong. He was love.
So I don’t want you to read this story with rose-tinted glasses; read it with no expectations of a happy ending because you will not have the satisfaction of getting one. Why?
Because first love is neither a Disney movie nor a romantic novel, it is not a fairy tale.
That fairy tale world was enchanting: she felt as if she were flying, like they could do anything, go anywhere and be anybody. He gave her the feeling she had always been searching for, the feeling of belonging, of weightlessness. A feeling she had always expected, yet never could find in the busy city streets and glitzy places she had visited. It had slipped through her hands many times, so it seemed, until she grabbed it and clung to it. Reluctant, at first, at the appearance of this mesmerizing, inexplicable feeling, seemingly resistant and nonchalant, but her insides reacted to the actual storm in her head at the glimpse of what she had desired but was scared to recognize. To admit it. 

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