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Jelena Petrović
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Uroš Stanimirović
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Isidora Alimpić
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Adriana Rewald


Resisting the urge to adopt a kitten before she leaves Belgrade.

Watching Star Trek. Again.

Working on her roundhouse kick.

Listening to Rachmaninov.

Thinking about doing some yoga. Will probably bake cookies instead.

Black Beetle

on the road

in the dark

in a park, underfoot.

I had to stop and take a look.

Blended lines, crepuscular

shine and legs that move like shadows

in the corner of my eye.

I said you go my path and I’ll

take yours,

before the road becomes unsafe.

We’ll see how far I scuttle,

legs like spindles,

typist’s fingers on a great concrete swathe.

Impassable for such small souls, she says.

To reach the other side you risk

that spit-polished shell,

your protection and your praise,

sunbathe and ricochet.

So hurry! This twilight

is coating her way. In hindsight –

she falters –

this may have been a mistake.

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