Who are we?

The Balkan Writers Project is an organization promoting English through the literary arts by creating networks of creative workshops comprised of young, talented writers from across the peninsula and engaging young artists throughout the Balkans by bringing them together for a variety of intercultural artistic exchanges and collaborative activities.

What are we doing?

We want to foster global mindedness and multicultural awareness through cross border exchanges, build personal/professional networks, and achieve tangible goals through collaborative regional projects. This is an organization dedicated to and run by motivated young people committed to making a difference.

How can you participate?

The Balkan Writers Project is inviting established or newly formed creative writing workshops and creative writing projects from around the Balkan region to join us!




Nathan William Meyer
Nathan William Meyer

Founder of the Balkan Writers Project and the White City Wordsmiths creative workshop.


Raised in California, he holds undergraduate and graduate English degrees from CSU Fresno and East Bay with extensive international education throughout Europe and Latin America. In 2010 he began a three-year odyssey working as an international affairs writer and humanitarian photojournalist documenting human rights abuses throughout Southeast Asia.  He has taught academic English in the US, Turkey, China, and currently lectures at the University of Belgrade as an English Language Fellow (a US Department of State program).

Project Manager and Coordinator

Nathan William Meyer
Irena Raičević

Irena is the sum of her experiences. Good, bad, any… She gathers them all passionately and hopes to have a valuable collection when she grows up.


Some of those experiences were:


The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by B. Traven,

Trip - an anthology of American beat poetry,

The God of Small Things by A. Roy,

The Cyclist Conspiracy by S. Basara,

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by M. Kundera,

and everything by Amélie Nothomb.

White City Wordsmiths Project Leader

Nathan William Meyer
Jelena Petrović

I find myself to be a place.


A place ‘where the actual and the imaginary meet’. A place where I go to listen to metal music, the only one that helps me find peace. Where I go to read books and breathe (both of which I do painfully slowly). Where I go to ‘sit down and bleed out’ on the paper and maybe get a chance to write something down.


I am made of fire and water. Also, my birthday is in December.

Editorial Board

Nathan William Meyer
Isidora Alimpić

To most of the questions you ask me, I will do my best to give a proper response; if you prefer it, I will even write a story about it. However, I don't believe in biographies that are accompanied by the prefix auto-. Therefore, the best you'll get from me is this anti-biography.

Nathan William Meyer
Uroš Stanimirović

I’m a man of simple needs... All I require is a castle somewhere in a god-forsaken forest, a loyal butler to do my chores, a grand library and my solitude... The last one being the most important. After all, writers aren’t really known for their social skills.

Nathan William Meyer
Anđela Vidojević

A maladaptive daydreamer,
An idiot going deaf from earphone abuse,
An incurable skeptic who somehow also believes in telekinesis,
According to my mother, an alien who fell from Mars,
That person next to you on the bus who smells like a wet ashtray,
A guilty hedonist
And an undercover witch.


Graphic Design and IT Support

Nathan William Meyer
Ana Nikolić

Likes writing, drawing, dancing to weird music, and pretending to be an adult. Rarely seen in the wild.