2nd English Language Festival

English Language Festival, the annual student event held in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian city of Bihać, was organized from 16 – 21 May for the second year in a row by the English Department of the Pedagogical Faculty in Bihać and the American Corner Bihać. The main goal of this six-day event was to celebrate student creativity with a variety of interesting activities, such as poetry and acting evenings, movie nights, scavenger hunts, workshops, music performances and sports days.

May 2016, Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Not only was this a unique opportunity for students to become the creators of the content meant for them, but the future anglicists became the promotors of their department and faculty during Open Doors Days, where they presented their English Language and Literature studies with educational brochures, talking to citizens, and a special performance titled “What Is Your Biggest Wish?”, where all interested passers-by could write their wishes for a better tomorrow on a board placed on the city square.

There was also a mini conference held as part of ELF for students and teachers, under the title “TEFL Methods in the 21st Century”, where lecturers Sanja Josifović-Elezović from the Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka, and Jasmina Točkić-Ćeleš from the Pedagogical Faculty in Bihać presented innovative ways of organizing English Language classes.

The organizers plan the third edition of ELF for May 2017, and until then, the students will be involved in numerous other extracurricular events that help shape a better image of higher education studies in Bihać, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in general.



This article is courtesy of Ilhana Škrgić and Bihać Calling.

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